Autel MX Sensor 315 433MHZ

Autel MX Sensor 315 433MHZ Tire pressure monitoring sensor for TPMS

Combining both 315 MHz and 433 MHz applications

Perform like OE sensors in terms of signal, durability and functionality

  • Type:

    Programmable Universal TPMS Sensor
  • Certificates:

  • Applicable Models:

    OBD2 cars
  • Function:

    TPMS Sensor 315 433Mhz
  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Voltage:

  • Dimensions:

    42.4*24.1*16.0 mm
  • Minimum order QTY:

    one piece
Products description
Autel MX Sensor 315 433MHZ Common Rubber Valve Stems for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS Sensor

Autel 315 & 433MHz in 1 Sensor for TPMS

FEATURES of Autel MX sensor 315 433MHZ TPMS sensor
[315 & 433MHz in 1 Sensor]

This tire pressure monitoring sensor (for TPMS) combines both 315 MHz and 433 MHz applications in one sensor to greatly simplify users’ inventory management and decrease the investment as well as sales loss. In terms of signal, durability and functionality,it performs like OE sensors.

[98% Vehicle Coverage]
Autel MX sensor is easy to use and has effective necessity for any shop performing TPMS repairs, the Autel MX TPMS sensor has full coverage over 98% of all OE sensors on the market, to support up 90% of North American, European and Asian brands. On the shop level, needing only 1-Sensor to service nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle which means lower repair cost and higher install efficiency.

Autel MX tire pressure monitoring for TPMS

[Patented Press Releasing function]
With both rubber and metal accessory valve stems, our accessory valve kits minimize service time and provide a quick assembly for installation. The patented press releasing valve design allows interchangeable rubber and metal valves to be easily replaced in the same sensor head by hand, with no valve fitting tool required. Simply click in and press out. Installing TPMS sensors is convenient and time-saving.

[Maximum Signal Strength]
The extraordinary sensor signal strength allows Autel MX Sensor to be easily programmed wirelessly even when the sensors have already been mounted to the wheel. Autel MX-Sensor is 100% clone-able with an Autel latest wireless TPMS programming tool. No relearn is required when the MX-Sensor is cloned with the original sensor ID and put in the same position.

[Superior Battery Reliability]
With the highest quality materials and advanced TPMS technology, Autel 1-Sensor provides superior battery life and reliability, to match OE sensor battery performance. The 1-Sensor body weighs only 12g, making it significantly lighter than most of sensors in the market, which ensures better sensor stability and performance.

[Strict Quality Control]
Autel guarantees Autel MX-Sensor(315MHz+433MHz) are free from manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever option comes first. Each Autel MX-Sensor has a series number for assuring quality control. The series number is imprinted on the sensor or can be read with Autel TPMS tools. With the series number, Autel can track the sensor quality from our factory manufacturing to ensure only the highest quality parts are installed and on sale.

Autel MX sensore 1 sensor

[Installation Process for Rubber Stem (Screw-In)] Please see the above picture
1.Loosening the tire: Remove the valve cap and core and deflate the tire. Use the bead loosener to unseat the tire bead.
2.Dismounting the tire: Clamp the tire onto the tire changer, and adjust the valve at 1 o’clock relative to the tire separation head. Insert the tire tool and lift the tire bead onto the mounting head to dismount the bead.
3.Dismounting the sensor: Depress the Press button on the sensor body. Carefully pull the sensor body straight back off the valve. Cut the rubber bulb and attach a standard tire valve extractor to the valve. Remove the valve from the rim by pulling through the rim.
4.Mounting sensor and valve:
1)Connect the sensor body and valve stem at a suitable angle (normally use the maximum angle of 30 degrees) and tighten the screw. Apply tire soap or lube solution to the rubber valve stem.
2)Line the sensor up with the rim hole and attach a standard tire valve extractor to the end of the valve.
3)Pull the valve stem straight through the valve hole. Note the rubber bulb of the valve resting against the rim.
5.Mounting the tire: Place the tire on the rim, make sure that the valve faces the separation head at an angle of 180 degrees and mount the tire over the rim.

Autel tire pressure monitoring for TPMS

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